what the ****'s she doing?


Studying at Okayama Prefectoral University

Kurashiki, Okayama 

Erika Skille
Tokyo Pt. III

Jam it all into one day

2017-07-07 07.16.34 1.jpg

Suntory time 

Tour of their NW inspired studio (those parquet floors)

Civic announcement against street harassment 

History of Japanese Graphic Design lector from Ian Lynam

Erika Skille
Tokyo Pt. II

Woke up at 3am and ate McDonalds with Syd then more walking


New found love for ダイソー

Erika Skille
Day One

First of two days alone in Tokyo

Visited Senso-ji Temple

2017-07-04 02.39.19 1.jpg

Did lots of walking

One more from cilotattoos


Tokyo National Museum

Erika Skille